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India had always been known for snakes, sages, and seers. 28 states and 7 union territories fit in each other like jigsaw puzzles. Perhaps, there is no other place in the whole world which has been graced with the presence of such rich and diverse cultures. These two lines appropriately describe our country:-

चार कोस पर बदले पानी, आठ कोस पर वाणी

(Water changes at every 15 KMs And Language changes at every 30 KMs.)

Distinct Indian forms of art aptly capture numerous cultural and traditional identities. Every place is recognized by its own genre and style of art. Any traditional art which could be ascribed to a place or community is known as folk art.

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If you go into the depth of this rich heritage, you will find even more mesmerizing classical styles of art Prevelant among the rural and tribal population. This goes by the name of tribal art. These art forms are ethnic and unconventional and yet so filled with simplicity. You could write eulogies in praise of our dynamic heritage and it would never fail to surprise.

Folk Art and Paintings

Apparently, folk paintings are in demand in both national and international market. Mainly because it fosters originality and inventive tastes, they are praised and sought after worldwide. Mahishasura painting created by late Tyeb Mehta fetched $1.584 million at an auction organized by the Christie’s in New York.

Ancient things have always fascinated people. Indian folk and rural paintings can stand out by their outstanding treatment with bright colours and designs which are never seen before. Indian Art Ideas supports and harbour care for Indian folk and tribal culture. You can buy Indian art from our wide collection of hand-picked paintings.

We would not be doing justice if we assume that folk art is only bound by paintings. It is much more and beyond your wildest imagination. Archaeological excavations have unearthed pitchers, various articles of pottery, decorative items, jewellery, etc. bearing marks of ancient folk art. It has gone through quite a lot of change over time. But, what has left is also not less.

Tribal Art in Paintings

Due to the escalating requirement of tribal art nationally and internationally, the Indian government has taken putting efforts to make sure that these gems of our culture are not lost. It has started an online portalKnow India’ to promote Indian heritage.

Artists and art lovers are also not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that these charms and talisman are not smitten with time. Studies and researches are conducted to revive and save merely breathing tribal traditions.

Efforts made by the government to promote Indian art

  • Establishment of National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern art is the principal art gallery curated under the flagship of Ministry of Culture, Government of India. On 29th March 1954, the government of India established the main museum at Jaipur House in New Delhi.

Later, the branches of this big tree reached Mumbai and Bangalore. The Delhi branch is amongst the world’s largest museums. You can buy Indian art postcards from here at Rs 5 per piece.

  • Schemes and grants started to support Indian art and Culture
  1. Scheme for financial assistance for promotion and strengthening of regional and local museums.
  2. Scheme for Scholarships to Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields
  3. Scheme of Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research
  4. Scheme for Financial Assistance for Digitization of Museum Collections

These Schemes and grants have helped rural and tribal artists to preserve and promote their art by giving them financial support and a platform, an opportunity to realize their true potential.

  • Constitutional provisions for preserving art and culture
  1. Article 29 of the Constitution of India, 1950 provides that, “Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same”.
  2. According to Article 51A(f): Fundamental Duties of citizens of India, “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India, to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture”.

As a citizen of India, I take pride that I belong to a country which is a perfect example of unity in diversity.

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Beautiful World of Colors

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Life would have been so meaningless without colors. Every color has its own way to express nature. Painters from all over India have presented art in a beautiful way. Every time the colors of different paintings attract a viewer, a painter comes into notice. India is a country where art is given a high importance. There are different kinds of awards and recognitions given to them. People have tried to show emotions in art which actually have attracted people from different countries. There are also paintings on religion like patachitra, madhubani, kalighat and so on. Religious paintings also include pictures of goddesses and gods like Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Rama, Krishna and Shiva and so on.

Atul Mehra - Indian Art Ideas

Image courtesy of Atul Mehra /

Paintings have a different meaning. At times, sitting and watching at the beautiful art work is like meditation.

Artists are very much encouraged in India. They get the motivation from people to draw better paintings. Every time they pick up the painting brush, they try to create a painting which will be remembered in the history.

Now, here are a few types of Indian Paintings:

  • Mughal Paintings: Mughal painting is a wonderful blend of Indian, Islamic and Persian style. These days Mughal painting can only be found in the books. In earlier days, the Mughal kings used to tell the artists to draw their winning moments or their marriage and so on. So most of the paintings that we see in this are reality.
  • Eastern India Paintings: These paintings are basically depicted on the life of, Buddha. Many disciples of Buddha tried to draw the life of Buddha on leaves. But this painting was not only limited to Buddha, it also had the paintings of lord Krishna. Later, these paintings were used to make the books interesting.
  • Tanjore Paintings: The name Tanjore came from a town name in Tamil Nadu, ‘Tanjore’. This art is very ancient and it began in the era of the Chola Rulers. Chola dynasty has always encouraged literature and art. The main themes of these wonderful paintings were mostly from the hindu mythology. These days the paintings are mostly used in religious festivals.
  • Madhubani Paintings: it is also known as the Mithila Art. This painting comes in from a very small town in Bihar named, Mithila. The most important part of this painting is that no space is left blank on the canvas. The empty spaces are usually covered with animals, birds, flowers, etc. The colors used in the paintings are basically natural, extracted from leaves and flowers.

These paintings have brought different colors in different times. Even today, people appreciate the piece of wonderful work done in the ancient eras. To Buy Indian Art Paintings Online log on to

So I repeat again, “Life would have been so meaningless without colors.”

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