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Beautiful World of Colors

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Life would have been so meaningless without colors. Every color has its own way to express nature. Painters from all over India have presented art in a beautiful way. Every time the colors of different paintings attract a viewer, a painter comes into notice. India is a country where art is given a high importance. There are different kinds of awards and recognitions given to them. People have tried to show emotions in art which actually have attracted people from different countries. There are also paintings on religion like patachitra, madhubani, kalighat and so on. Religious paintings also include pictures of goddesses and gods like Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Rama, Krishna and Shiva and so on.

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Paintings have a different meaning. At times, sitting and watching at the beautiful art work is like meditation.

Artists are very much encouraged in India. They get the motivation from people to draw better paintings. Every time they pick up the painting brush, they try to create a painting which will be remembered in the history.

Now, here are a few types of Indian Paintings:

  • Mughal Paintings: Mughal painting is a wonderful blend of Indian, Islamic and Persian style. These days Mughal painting can only be found in the books. In earlier days, the Mughal kings used to tell the artists to draw their winning moments or their marriage and so on. So most of the paintings that we see in this are reality.
  • Eastern India Paintings: These paintings are basically depicted on the life of, Buddha. Many disciples of Buddha tried to draw the life of Buddha on leaves. But this painting was not only limited to Buddha, it also had the paintings of lord Krishna. Later, these paintings were used to make the books interesting.
  • Tanjore Paintings: The name Tanjore came from a town name in Tamil Nadu, ‘Tanjore’. This art is very ancient and it began in the era of the Chola Rulers. Chola dynasty has always encouraged literature and art. The main themes of these wonderful paintings were mostly from the hindu mythology. These days the paintings are mostly used in religious festivals.
  • Madhubani Paintings: it is also known as the Mithila Art. This painting comes in from a very small town in Bihar named, Mithila. The most important part of this painting is that no space is left blank on the canvas. The empty spaces are usually covered with animals, birds, flowers, etc. The colors used in the paintings are basically natural, extracted from leaves and flowers.

These paintings have brought different colors in different times. Even today, people appreciate the piece of wonderful work done in the ancient eras. To Buy Indian Art Paintings Online log on to

So I repeat again, “Life would have been so meaningless without colors.”

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Contemporary art paintings broadly cover the time right from post-World War II up to the present time. The styles of artwork in contemporary movements differ extensively from one to another. Through this article we would like to make a small attempt to cover almost all the key movements of contemporary art, and to elucidate how they are interconnected to each other. Some of the key contemporary art span between the 1950s and 1960s mainly included Pop Art, Neo-Dada, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism and the New York School.

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The most distinguished artists from this time mainly included Andy Warhol, Wassily Kandinsky, Robert Lichtenstein and Jackson Pollock. The former art movements of Cubism and Fauvism have been believed to be the main source of inspiration for these new directions that has taken place. The period of 1960s was basically constituted the initiation of modern culture, and modern art was a most imperative part of it. Eventually, the traditional form of art became the part of mainstream with these new contemporary styles of artwork which had gained popularity and appreciation among the populace.

Ever since the 1970s, the additions had been supplement to contemporary art have all been technology based with digital, software and installation art. This style of artwork has consistently developed in parallel with technology and even today successfully going off in new directions.

One comparatively fresh and very up-to-the-minute art movement nowadays is “Street art“, which can be taken as evolution of the former work of art i.e. Graffiti. There are various other new movements which probably are seeking to break free from the mundane pattern of traditional form art, as for instance we can say that Abstract Expressionism had tried the same 60 years ago.

The independence of mind to create and imagine remains strong point in contemporary artists today, and they have made their gateway from simple usage of different canvas or painting techniques, so as to use entirely different forms of expression to portray their adroitness, as you can find in the Installation art of artists, such as Dan Flavin. There are many distinguished artists who are coming up with remarkable paintings and you can buy these Indian art paintings online at reasonable prices.

In the nutshell, we would like to say that contemporary art paintings embodies the completion of the evolution from Baroque and Renaissance painting, through Romanticism & Impressionism up to what we see today. The future for contemporary movements gives an impression to combine with the path of technology and other new directions which may be possible for all us to see in the near future.

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