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Splash of emotions Paintings by Dhiraj Choudhary and G.A. Dandekar

The works of G.A. Dandekar and Dhiraj Choudhary are a brilliant combination of quasi-abstract and figurative expressions

Artists express visually their response to the world or the experiences of the responses. In doing so, they develop a visual language that allows them to also engage with their feelings and emotions.

At Artworld, the paintings of two senior artists/teachers are showcased, and both of them have articulated themselves through lines and colours, offering visuals that powerfully impact upon the viewers’ sensibility. The two artists are Mumbai-based G.A. Dandekar and Delhi-based Dhiraj Choudhary.

Commonality of elements

Interestingly, the commonality of elements in their works brings alive the walls of the gallery space, marking the former as quasi-abstract and the latter as figurative.

Choudhury’s artistic language is based on line and colour, with the inspiration for his colours coming from his teacher Gopal Ghosh. They are vibrant, dramatic, intense, and passionate, applied directly on the canvas without prior mixing or blending on the palette.

It is no wonder his canvases vibrate with chromatic intensity that compulsively draws the attention of the viewer for a closer scrutiny. His ubiquitous line dominates the composition while his attenuated figures have expressionistic contours.

His passion and commitment manifest themselves in his oeuvre. His early works feature impressionistic watercolours and oils of ruralscapes, moving on to developing designs in the 1970s and then to highlighting social causes pertaining to women, caste, environment, terror and communal disharmony in the 1980s. Dandekar’s paintings in acrylics, oils, and mixed media foreground the strength of Indian culture.

With M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza, Picasso and Matisse as his muses, Dandekar has defined the versatility of his artistic contours through kaleidoscopic colours.

He says, “my intention is to reflect various emotions, love particularly and to show power, progress, fecundity through metaphors such as a horse or a bull.”

Robust colours

His works captivate the viewer, initially through robust and dynamic colours, offering a visual path that ultimately rest on forms that are both massive and attenuated. An inherent duality manifests in his works, emerging through contrasts in the play of light and juxtaposing of colours. The textures created through brush strokes and tonal contrasts give his works vibrancy.

Dandekar expresses his fascination for the culture of the South through women dressed in attires typical to the region and plantain trees. His simple narrative and visual language are endearing.

The show is on at Artworld till July 31.


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