Undoubtedly, there are two kinds of visitors in an Indian Art Gallery. The one who see art and the one who actually see it. Ok! Let me make it clear if in case you didn’t get it. Some art enthusiasts don’t have much knowledge of art and thus they choose to just look at the paintings rather than glancing at them carefully. Well, we are telling this to you as such art enthusiasts aren’t considered well in the art community. So, if you are also one of them, you need to read this blog. Herein, we tell you the art of appreciating art. So, if you want to get the entry in the art community, this is the right way to improve your skills.


  • Talk about the artist- This can be a Kickstarter to the conversation. You should start asking about the artist while in an Indian Art Gallery. However, you should remember not to ask about every artwork’s artist. Ask about a few, those whose artworks actually intrigued you. This in general is a very good practice. This helps in knowing the style of the artists which helps you in further identifying his artworks whenever you come across any.
  • Learn about the art styles and mediums- You might find it very tough to identify the artist after seeing the paintings but knowing the art styles won’ be that tough. So, begin by knowing the most prevalent art styles and Indian art styles if you are going to a top Indian art gallery.
  • Try to understand the work- It is also important to understand the work. Yes, initially you will find it hard to understand what some artworks are trying to convey you but with time you will learn this. You won’t face any problem with every art style, you definitely will with abstract art style. Every person finds different meaning from some paintings. Try to read between the shapes drawn, take your thinking beyond that. Try to infer the meaning, if you still cannot, you can always ask the same to the gallerist.
  • Look for the emotion- Every painting whether it is landscape, portrait or any other involves certain emotion. A landscape or abstract art might make you feel gloomy and the other very happy. You will never catch the emotion, if you will not look at the art work carefully with a hawk’s eye.
  • See what you find interesting- In order to talk about a painting, the best way is this. You just look at the painting and whatever you find unique or beautiful in it, start taking about it.


Shree Yantra 2

In short, find ways to appreciate art. For doing so, one of the most important thing is to know art. We say so as you can talk about something, only when you know it.


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