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People in India are highly emotional and touchy when it comes to the Gods and religions. Maybe that’s why the trend to carve Gods & their stories on canvas is still highly popular.

Artists across the world have left all the conventional themes behind except this one. It is so because people love to have an artwork of their favourite deity in their home or office.

For instance, if we talk about India itself, people here love to collect the paintings of their favourite Gods and Goddess.

I, however, is going to cover the reasons for the love people have for the Ganesha paintings.

Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, is adored and worshipped by billions of Hindus. But, what is so catchy about this deity that provides him the title of the ‘God with most followers’ in India?

This blog is going to give you enough reasons that show why people just love Ganesha artworks:

Ganesha is considered lucky

Perhaps every one of you might (or not) have said “Ganpati Bappa Morya” once in your life if you reside in India. Ganesha is considered as a good omen for starting, purchasing or producing something new.

Like for the opening of the shop, inauguration of a new house, or for the baby shower, Hindus in India do Ganesh puja.

Along with this, Ganesha paintings are said to bring prosperity and happiness to the home. This is why these paintings are in demand across the year.

They make the best gifts

It is amazing to see how Ganesha paintings fit every occasion as an ideal gift.

As already said, for occasions such as baby shower, opening of new shop/business, and housewarming the paintings of Ganesha are perfect gifts.

Now, there are a number of Hindu festivals where Ganesha is worshipped.

Like, Diwali, the festival of light, starts with the puja of Ganesha and his wife Goddess Laxmi on the main evening.  So, people not only purchase these paintings to gift but to adorn their own home too.

Another festival named as Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to enjoy the birth of Ganesha.

People love to dance and carry the statue of Ganesha to the river or lake or sea to submerge it. It is a big festival and millions celebrate it.

It is a traditional custom to beautify your home or workplace with the alluring paintings of Ganesha on this day.

Apart from this, presenting to your loved one or purchasing Ganesha painting for yourself on the occasion of New Year is believed to bring luck to your entire year.

Ganesha – a friend of children

Ganesha was a naughty kid, but with great focus, and a wise mind. This is why Ganesha has earned a special place in the hearts of kids.

Hence, you will find a lot of paintings or other artworks of Ganesha given as birthday presents for kids.

Along with this, people hang exquisite art pieces of Ganesha in their kid’s rooms to spiritualise the entire aura and bring positivity.

Wrapping up

Indians love Lord Ganesha very much. They love to have sculptures, miniatures, paintings, and any form of art related to Ganesha with them.

You can find such artworks on the workstation of employees in corporate too. Even the CEO of your company might be having an abstract art of Lord Ganesha in his/her cabin.

Get your art piece today!


We all believe in the power of the divine. Don’t we? Even if there are some naysayers, tell me this, whenever you are in a trouble don’t you seek help from the almighty? Most of you would definitely say yes to this. Obviously, some of you might not be going to the temples or praying to the supreme power daily. On the other hand, some of you would be a strong believer of the divine who seeks his blessing daily by praying in their worshipping room. Maybe, that’s why, whenever individuals are revamping the house or moving to a new place, they pre-decide the place that will be the abode of the Gods in their house. However, sometimes in the urban living spaces, individuals don’t get enough space to dedicate a whole room for worshipping. Hence, they resort to deciding a corner or a bit of empty space they have.

Thus, in this blog, we tell you ways to decorate that empty little space, room, or the wall dedicated to the divine. There are a lot of options like a Ganesha painting, Ganesha idols and other sorts of artefacts and religious and traditional paintings. Let’s take a walk through all of them.


  • Hang your favorite traditional paintings-

Your space can be full of all sort of modern styles of painting and you must be going gaga over them. In a house of an art lover like you, would leaving a divine space like that be good? Obviously not. Consider placing traditional paintings with intricate patterns in the room.  You can place Madhubani, Miniature, or Pattachitra art on the walls of the praying room.

  • Consider printed fabrics for the backdrop-

A good way to stay in budget is to go for printed fabrics. Choose a fabric that has a traditional print on them. Just take the cloth and stick it on the wooden plank. Get it framed and use this as a backdrop for placing idols. You can also use the same as traditional wall art.

  • Incorporate exquisite Indian artefacts-

The only place that has many idols in every house is surely the divine room. So don’t just limit your imagination and creativity to wreathing the wall with paintings. Use it to adorn the worshipping room of your house. Place golden idols, mirrors and lanterns and similar.


  • Make use of Religious Paintings-

Adding paintings that add more meaning to your space. Leaving the walls blank will not look good, so add paintings that add more meaning and value to the room. Go for religious paintings, like Ganesha painting, Shiva painting, or whichever you like. Also, opt for a painting of Lord Shiva to make the place more pristine and serene.

  • Use the undermined corner-

You can also use the unused corner of your house in place of your Pooja room. Allocate the space to deities by placing a wooden triangle rack in the corner and keeping the idols there.


The points mentioned above will surely help you in decorating your worshipping space properly. Still, don’t limit your ideas to the ideas given in this blog. They are just a suggestion from our end. In fact, you can actually defy the usual norm of placing paintings that are traditional or religious. Use modern Ganesha painting, if you want to make the room look edgy yet traditional. However, remember abstract paintings, even if religious, never give peace, they distract. In addition to this, you also need to be heedful of the kind of lighting you use. Colors like yellow, red, golden and orange should be used. You can also place rose petals in a glass bowl and make garlands of Marigold. Walls with off-white colors will also elevate the ambiance. Indoor plants will surge freshness as well. So, browse through the traditional paintings offered by various online art galleries.  Also, do share this blog with the ones who are planning to spruce up their divine room.