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This blog belongs to Indian art ideas!! On this blog you will find the latest about paintings, artwork and news along with recent events  recent events that is going on in the worls of art.

Firstly, thank you for dropping by. This is a site for new budding site where we bring represent what is going out in the world of art. And a gentle request to our readers is that we would be more that pleased if you can be a  part of us by  leave your comments on the posts after you read them  weather its our news or a suggestion to us so, do  join the forum of readers from all over the world. It is the best way of showing your appreciation and the biggest motivation for us.

 We, at Indian Art Ideas, believe in representing a broad spectrum of visual language, style and concepts for reaching out to arts community and beyond. Hence apart from displaying works of masters we also promote young and upcoming talents. Thus, our collection is a true representation of India’s finest artists from different generations whose practices point to the sheer range and diversity of the modern and contemporary Indian art practice.

The Gallery currently has close to 200 artists and more than 1000 works in its collection including works of artists who are groundbreaking contemporary visionaries, young upcoming talents or historical masters.

Browse and buy original art from the India’s best modern and contemporary artists at www.indianartideas.com.