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It is an enthralling experience to observe an impeccably made artwork and feel the emotions of an artist through the patterns, the loose strokes, the unclear objects, and the bold colour contrast. Yes, you are right, I am talking about the abstract paintings.

It is quite amazing how a beautifully crafted abstract art can stimulate your mind and offer you space and capability to think beyond the reality we can see. My first encounter with an abstract artwork was bizarre and awesome at the same time.

On one hand, I was feeling ecstatic to experience the appeal and exquisiteness that are shown in the unstructured patterns and innovative utilisation of colours that I have never witnessed before. While, on the other hand, I could not simply make any sense of the painting. And when I came to know that the masterpiece was from the greats of abstraction Jackson Pollock, I became too curious and agitated to know the reason for my incapability to interpret a famous artwork.

I started to think – “Am I too naïve to get the in-depth emotions poured into a painting that is loved by millions or do I simply lack the intellect?”

Fortunately, none of that was true. Then after meeting a few artists, art experts, and historians, I understood what was required to contemplate the true meaning of an abstract artwork.

The secret to decoding an abstract painting

Well, there is no secret or a shortcut to completely get an abstract artwork. Although, few factors matter more than others.

For instance, the very first time we witness an enticing painting in an abstract art gallery, the majority of us are not able to understand the work because of the preconceptions that exist in our mind owing to the past encounter with other artworks.

How we perceive the abstract paintings is not an idea or a thought but a continuous journey of new experiences. When you give time to understand the artist, his expression, and his thought process, you have more chance of interpreting an abstract work precisely.

What happens when we observe an abstract painting?

A lot of time, people who understand and admire the abstract paintings are more liberal and of free thoughts. Why is that?

Well, abstract style stands on the base of free will and thoughts. It completely weeds off the idea of following the subjects from the real life. So, when we see an abstract painting, we liberate our mind from the conceptualisation that already exists in our mind.

In a nutshell, an abstract work can really empower our mind to reject the compulsion to create associative understanding. This offers our mind a much open space and a new way of thinking.

So the next time you walk into a famous abstract art gallery, notice what you are experiencing and not what you thought you would be noticing. When you start transforming your mind using the observational process of an abstract painting, it is quite surprising you become remarkably well in getting aware of all your senses. You can now start a dialogue with the artwork and can now get why you weren’t able to get the gist of such impeccable painting before.



Why Contemporary Art is considered cool?

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The term ‘art’ is known to depict the expression of an artist on the canvas or any other medium available. However, with the gradual evolution of varied forms of art come a series of different perceptions.

For example, in the pre-modern era, art was only a means to portray the devotion to deities, elite class people, and kings.  Also, in the pre-modern epoch, artists used to reflect the scenes from historic events and religious epics.

With the commencement of modernism, artists started putting emphasis on the idea of originality and freedom of thoughts. Post-modern or the contemporary style of art, on the other hand, rises at the base of the concept that “anyone can make art”. The democratisation of art is the ultimate foundation for the contemporary style.

Let’s go through a number of reasons that show why the contemporary form of art is cool:

1.    Challenges the expectations of people

The contemporary style of art is the art of our time. This means that in every piece of artwork, the contemporary artists challenge our perception of life and present the real picture of what’s happening around us.

2.    It stimulates our political and spiritual beliefs

A lot of contemporary paintings showcase the hypocrisy that flows through our political and societal environment. Along with this, contemporary paintings are also known to stimulate the creative flair, not just in the artist’s mind, but in the observers’ mind too.

3.    It excites creativity and innovation

The contemporary form of art is not created with a particular subject in mind but with an open thought process. This offers the artists an open view of how more innovation can be submerged in the paintings. From the observer’s point of view, contemporary paintings are best for a mental exercise. Since the contemporary form of art does not bound the observer with a defined theme, it becomes a creative challenge for the person seeing the painting to find the hidden interpretation.

4.    It appreciates and promotes diversity

Since the artists who carve contemporary paintings refuse to follow any conventional methods, it opens a broader mind set for observing the artwork without any shackles of beliefs.

Generally, a contemporary form of art always encourages the observers and the artists to explore other cultures too. In addition, the contemporary style also promotes diversity by not differentiating between right & wrong on the basis of what colour, race, sex or culture the artist belongs to.

5.    Aids us to learn from experience

Since the very foundation of this style of art is the representation or expression of how present time is, famous contemporary art helps us to take important lessons from our experience in the society.

Observers and in some cases the artists too, learn a great deal about themselves, thanks to the ever-appealing and expressive contemporary art.

6.    It opens up our mind

Seeing the artworks of stagnant themes and designs would rather not simulate your mind as much as the contemporary form.

Doctors have found in a study that seeing the contemporary form of art offers us a wider spectrum to look at things. A few experts also claim that contemporary art allows us to use our critical thinking behaviour in a much-enhanced manner.