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Top Five Art Galleries in Kolkata

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“Artists in India are not allowed to work at home, as it falls under the ambit of commercial work. This is a major deterrent for budding artists as there are no government-run art avenues/spaces. Internationally, a number of governments offer spaces at highly subsidized rates, which is not the case in India.” – Subodh Gupta Renowned art

Kolkata is known for its culture, rasgulla, literature, and the paintings. There are many paintings of great artists that are thronging in the different art galleries of Kolkata. Recently, 100 paintings and sculptures by Ramkinkar Baij were showcased at the iconic building of Kolkata named as the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA). The art of Kolkata is always appreciated by others as they work hard to keep the flame glowing redefining the magic of their craft. If you are heading to Kolkata, then do visit these art galleries for uncovering the charms of Indian paintings:

Genesis Art Gallery

The one topping in my list is the Genesis Art Gallery. This gallery houses the works of prominent artists such as Rameshwa Broota, Suhas Roy, and Sunil Das. The gallery is known for promoting the talents of both young and established painters. Isha Mody, a young curator, under her guidance the gallery is launching great exhibitions such as Articulate: A Conversation with Art and many more interesting events. If you are heading to Kolkata, then visiting this gallery can be a virtual treat for you.

Uttam Manna’s Art Gallery

Uttam Manna is a well-celebrated artist in Kolkata. He is a son of West Bengal who mixes vibrant and bold colours to exhibit the beauty of nature. His works are known for its detailing, convoluted shading and minimalist concepts. These stress-busting beautiful paintings are found out in Uttam Manna’s Art Gallery.

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

This academy houses a range of ancient and contemporary Indian and international art. This includes a wide range of artistic and historical objects falling in the time range of 2nd century B.C. to the 21st Century A.D. Also, the academy launches a wide number of seminars, workshops, cultural programmes, and lectures.

Experimenter Art Gallery

Experimenter Art Gallery is a home to galleries that exhibit the contemporary art. The exhibitions showcased the work by Shilpa Gupta and Iman Issa. The gallery showcase the contemporary art in the most beautiful way ever.

Galerie 88

Galerie 88 showcases the beauty of contemporary art. The gallery has launched around 200 exhibitions along with different international shows in Singapore and London.

Masters Collection Art Gallery

The gallery brings out the blend of modern and contemporary art for the visitors. Their collection showcases a wide range of colors and scenes. Along with this, the gallery executes the work of great artists through independent and sponsored exhibitions.

In the end, it is right to say that in different art galleries of Kolkata. You will get a fusion of both contemporary and modern Indian paintings. Thus, to meet the bygone era and the current era at one place head to the art galleries of Kolkata.


“The strangeness will wear off and I think we will discover the deeper meanings in modern art”

Jackson Pollock

There was a time when artists used to get inspiration only from the events that have happened in history or life tales of deities, the supreme beings, or by depicting the king’s palace or meeting halls. Pre-modern era survived for like thousands of years.

See any artwork or painting of ancient time and you would understand. Oh, you don’t need to go that far too. Just go through the artworks of the 19th century and then also you would find that almost every artist was inclined towards the conventional ways of making an art.

Even landscape style of art came in mid or late 17th century. Most of the famous paintings of that time showed that the subject matter used to revolve around the Gods or kings or epics from religious mythologies.

Also, art of that time was not even accessible to the common people. It was confined to the rich and the elites of the society. There were separate and sophisticated art schools and only the people with means could learn the artistry. The portrait was another famous style of painting done in the pre-modern era.

How Modern Art changed the perception

Modern art paintings are a result of several movements that started happening since the beginning of the 20th century. Abstractionism was one. The rise of abstract style was the game changer in the art world. People were not even ready to accept it. But, eventually, people do understand the point that perhaps freeing the mind stimulates more creativity.

Previously, theme-based paintings were in high demand. With the inclusion of abstraction, the necessity to follow the theme just vanished.

Artists were free, in their thought process, in the manner they want to create, and in selecting the theme. The result was that several exquisite abstract art paintings start coming out. Artists left the interpretation part for the viewers.

The beauty of modern art paintings lies in their unstructured brush strokes, non-uniform patterns, and exquisite use of the colours.

Another major difference modern art makes to the art world is that artists now started making happenings and events of the present as their themes.

Art was no longer a tool for riches but has become a leisure for everyone, everyone who can feel the artwork. Modern paintings have taught the art world to breathe and think in a much new and appealing manner.

Artists basically draw unidentifiable objects or shapes and with vivacious colour combinations and observer tries to decode the hidden meaning as per his/her life experience.

Final Takeaway

IMHO, modern art paintings have clearly transformed everything in the art world. The manner in which several movements such as pop art and impressionism emerged in the modern art period showed that big changes occurred in the art world.

A lot of contemporary styles that we see in today’s time is a by-product of modern art movements.