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Indian Art – The New Investment Idea

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Art is all about expression. It represent outlook of people & spiritual relation. Indian Art is unique in its depiction of cultural history, religions and philosophies of a continent. It is a blend of the sensuous and spiritual and has it origin in nearly five thousand years ago during the heyday of the Indus Valley Civilization which existed during the second half of the 3rd millennium BC .Indian Art is inspired by spiritualism and mystical relationship between man and god. It has now spread all across the world. Indian artists relied heavily on Religious scriptures to draw Inspiration.


Indian art can largely be categorized as Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Tribal Indian Art with traditional paintings being further categorized as miniatures and murals. Murals are big works carried out on walls of solid structures, for instance, in Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath temple. Miniature paintings are drawn on a small scale for albums on delicate material like cloth and paper. These can be elaborated in the following:

Contemporary art – It is the modern type of art which was established in the 1990s.A major characteristic of contemporary Indian Painting is that the technique and method have acquired a new significance. Form came to be regarded as separate entity and with its increasing emphasis it subordinated the content in a work of art.Narayanan Ramachandran and Subodh Gupta were the leading artists of contemporary art.

Modern Art – Modern Indian art typically shows the influence of Western styles, but is often inspired by Indian themes and images.The Progressive Artists’ Group (K. H. Ara, S. K. Bakre, H. A. Gade, M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza and F. N. Souza), established shortly after India became independent in 1947, was intended to establish new ways of expressing India in the post-colonial era and was profoundly influential in changing the idiom of Indian art.

Traditional Art – The traditional arts of Indiarepresents the many myriad hues and forms that traditional India has to offer. There are numerous types of this art including Madhubani, Tanjore, Mithila, Miniature paintings etc.

Folk and tribal art – It was the art don in various objects like toys, painting, pottery, jewelry, paper works, weapons, kitchen wares, masks, sculptures, etc. however there was a symbolic meaning behind the art of these objects. These include Warli, Gond, Phad paintings etc., to name a few.

With each passing year, the demand for Indian art has increased all across the globe, becauseof uniqueness and spirituality. Nowadays people see art more as an investment that you can hang on your wall and literally enjoy watching your investment grow in value. Traditional galleries are being slowly replaced by art galleries online,where people can browse through and choose the artwork that suits their taste.There are many, many forms of Indian art to choose from. Whether you want paintings depicting important moments in the history of India, or maybe you would like religious paintings of defining moments with in the faith, or maybe you would prefer something lighter hearted like a caricature. All of these styles and more are available for very reasonable prices online.Indian art galleries online also give tips to buy Indian art without a fuss. Our online store Indianartideas also offers an extensive collection of beautiful and affordable Indian art online.