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Buy Art Online

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Indian art is known for its uniqueness.  A strong sense of design is also characteristic of Indian art and can be observed in its modern as well as in its traditional forms. With each passing year the demand for Indian art has increased and so has the ways to buying it. Earlier there used to be physical galleries where people used to go and buy art, taking out time from their busy schedule. Online Indian art collections are the latest and virtually the most preferred method these days for sales and auctions and just about browsing. It is so much easier to click and buy.

People are generally too busy these days to do even routine tasks and just want to rush back home after work to relax. One has to be an art enthusiast to spare time to visit an exhibition. Moreover, if there are two or more exhibitions at the same time, you will rarely be able to attend both, no matter how much you wish you could.

The advantages of online art collections are:

  • Convenience: Art lovers have the opportunity to see many more pieces and to appreciate them at their own leisure rather than visiting a traditional gallery. There is also the advantage of discretion on an auction and sale websites as it is much easier to make a bid and to buy an item. The purchase would take place directly between the buyer and the seller. Online galleries are also optimized so that search engines can locate the artists and exhibits without difficulty
  • Selection: Every online gallery provides useful tips for buying and selling, even if you are new to the process. A large number of quality artworks are received by the galleries from across the world. Superb works from renowned artists that will increase the range of your collection are easily obtainable.
  • Affordable: Artworks which is present in the online art galleries is comparatively cheaper than the real galleries. You can get an artwork within your budget.
  • Security: The possibility of dealing with fake art pieces is less likely because you are dealing with artists directly and many of these artists have their own websites where they exhibit their work. Because of the advantages posed by the Internet, auction houses have their online galleries with artworks of renowned artists. When a deal is finalized, artworks are usually delivered directly to buyers through different forms of delivery services. As a safety measure, proof that it is the artist’s original work, which is an authentication certificate, is also provided on completion of sale.

Online galleries often form part of a wider online operation, with other popular facilities including:

  • Blogs
  • News
  • Events listings
  • Pricing information
  • Gallery listings
  • Forums

Throughout the world, a large number of people visit these galleries every day, giving artists more exposure and making it possible for artists to be contacted by prospective buyers on an international level. Generally, the rules for selling and purchasing remain the same, but the purchaser should be internet-savvy to understand the system properly. Due to the reputability of selected art websites, art lover’s deal with them regularly.

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Indian Art Collectors

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Indian Art is unique in its depiction of cultural history, religions and philosophies. The Indian art gallery acts as the catalyst that hopes to create a synergy between artist, art lover and the art collectors.

Art collecting developed during the Renaissance and continues to the present day. In the post-colonial era a number of physical Indian art galleries are established for the exhibition of paintings. These galleries were the collectors and the artist use to exhibit their artworks. Exhibitions, events, solo shows and group shows were organized and people use to go there, appreciate and buy artworks. As the time passes Indian artist started showing more vitality and variety in their work. Many of the new genera artists bring newer concept and style.

Indian Art Gallery is a platform to various eminent established & young artists to showcase their artwork through its physical and online exhibitions. Art galleries are one who remarkably achieving success in promoting Indian art and creating strong bond between artist and art collectors.

Who are the collectors?

Indian art collectors are the people who collect art for various purposes. Some Buy art to decorate their home, earn money as an investor or simply satisfies the desire to build a fine collection. Art Collectors want much more than a pretty picture when they are considering buying art, but of course they may also be in the business of selling fine art themselves (i.e. buying your art with a view to selling art in the future when artist stardom climbs to the stratosphere).

What they do?

The Indian art collectors keep an eye in the galleries which are really selling fine art and the magazines; they quietly pop by to see how artist exhibitions are doing. They will hold artist on mental file until such time that proves artwork are a worthy investment either culturally or financially. Art Collectors prefer to support artists and buy art rather than invest their money in the bank. They really value the relationship they have developed with the gallery they like to buy works from. Collector says- there is a great pleasure in owning something that an artist has invested a significant amount of time and effort, and themselves, into creating.

Why they Collect art?

Some collectors like the learning and discovery involved in buying art, for others it is the emotional connection which draws them in. Some might collect art because they feel it is a way to explore and discover the self, or others see it as a way of making sense of the world around us. Then there are those with more practical reasons, such as houses to decorate and blank walls to fill. An individual’s reasons may be deeply personal, but the over-arching rationale is the same the world over: we buy and collect art because it brings us pleasure.

Buying Trends of Collectors

A collector considers building a significant art collection as one of the joys of their lives. Many art buyers want to meet and get to know the artist. Collectors truly want to know the stories behind their collected treasures. Some collectors prefer to buy from the artist in the quiet of the studio. Now with the internet these collectors can easily get in touch with artists. Some collectors want to “cash-in” on their investment and are selling their acquisitions at the same galleries where these artists are selling new works. When the economy drops, plein air paintings sell better. The collectors buy smaller, less expensive works and, as a plus, get to meet with and eat with the artists