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Keeping fit art

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In an attempt to keep fit in his busy life, 24-year-old software engineer Naveen Kumar Chaudhari works out thrice a week at a gym near his house. On Monday, when he visited his gym, he noticed something amiss: instead of the stark grey walls which line the corridors, the area between the work-out machines and the changing rooms was filled with works of art.

“The idea is to bring art to the people, rather than the other way around. Only a very select, elite group of people visit art galleries. We want art to be a part of people’s daily lives,” says Niki Lawyer of India Online Gallery, who strongly feels that spirituality gets reflected through art.

Since July 17, India Online Gallery has been showcasing the works of 14 artists, mostly based in Maharashtra, at Gold’s Gym, Kalyaninagar. The works of Umberto, an artist from Italy who is now settled in Pune, deal with making a form out of waste glass, while the others are mainly paintings or photographs.

Chaudhari, who quite likes the idea, says, “A lot of youngsters visit gyms. What is really impressive about the idea is that different people can interpret the art works in their own way. Similarly, the artists too would also have their own perspective.” Chaudhari also feels that this is a brilliant way of roping in the younger crowd.

Shyam Bhutkar, one of the artists whose works are being displayed, says that such efforts should take place so that everyone is allowed the freedom to develop a love for art. The painter feels that his vast experience in theatre has helped him look at effects (like light) differently in his art. Muralidhar Nagare, an established artist whose works are on display, says, “The earnings we make from art galleries constitute the mainstay of our income. Still, few people visit galleries. To display our works at public spaces is a good way of connect with the masses.”

Canaaz of Gold’s Gym feels that this is a great way to motivate the public. She says, “The gym will now be a one-stop destination for keeping fit and learning about art.”

Educating people about art is topmost on Lawyer’s mind too. “People look at paintings as paint on canvas, rather than an idea or force pulsating through the medium. Few Indians look at art as an investment. Meanwhile, in the west, the worth of the works of masters run into millions of dollars,” she says, ruefully. Moreover, here, only a select, elite group buys paintings. Sanjay Bhalerao, an upcoming artist, says, “However, my paintings are, with their stark contrasts, pleasing to the eye, so I hope somebody from the non-art world will find them pleasing enough to hang on their wall! And it’s there that the love of art starts.” His wife Deepti Munot is an artist in her own right. She adds, “This is a good way to reach out to more people, and perhaps increase our sales.”



India Art fair in bigger avatar next year

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The India Art Summit is set to get bigger in its third year with more countries expected to participate and the number of exhibiting galleries doubling from previous year in the event scheduled to be held here in January 2011.

Held annually in August since 2008, the third edition of the art fair would take place in the national capital from January 21-23 next year. This, organisers say was done to enable India find a permanent slot on the global art fair map.

With 84 galleries shortlisted out of 150 for the edition, and the inclusion of 34 leading international galleries (double the number that participated in 2009), India’s importance as an emerging global centre for art is further confirmed, organisers said in a statement.

Top galleries from around the world will include Lisson Gallery (UK), Sundaram Tagore Gallery (Hong Kong), Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Switzerland), Aicon Gallery (US) Grosvenor Gallery (UK), Thomas Erben Gallery (US), Galerie Frank Elbaz (France), Die Galerie (Germany), The Drawing Room (The Philippines), Greenaway Gallery (Australia), and others.

“We are thrilled to be back at this exciting event and privileged to play a role in the internationalisation of the Indian art world,” says Michelle D’Souza, Director, Lisson Gallery which is returning for the third time.

At the last fair there were over 40,000 visitors and a total sales of Rs 260 million according to estimates given by the organisers.

The total area of the art fair has increased almost two-fold to approximately 8000 sq metre of exhibition space, and the total number of galleries has increased by 55 per cent from the previous edition.

“We’re very pleased with the quality of galleries that have been selected and the breadth of Modern and Contemporary Art that will be presented at the upcoming fair” says Neha Kirpal, Director, India Art Summit.

“India has never seen this selection of art and galleries come together from around the world, I’m very excited to see that our country’s art fair is shaping up to be of a truly international standard,” says Shireen Gandhy, Gallery Director, Mumbai.

The third edition would see a greater curatorial focus in the gallery booth plans with strong group shows in the general exhibition section, and individual artist displays in the new solo projects section of the art fair.

Further, an extended sculpture park surrounding the entire art fair venue at the Pragati Maidan here and the dedicated spaces for video and performance art is expected to give galleries a much wider stage to present an array of art practices and mediums.