The History of Modern Art

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The heritage of art is supposed to go back to the dark ages of the human era when ancient men used to carve dazzling images on the walls of the caves.

Today, the age of contemporary art is on its full peak. But before the dawn of contemporary art, another art form existed that laid the foundation for the former.

We are talking about modern art. Now, do not misunderstand modern art with contemporary art as they are ‘Not’ the same thing.

Modern art mainly covers the time period of the late 19th century to mid of the 20th century. Modernism favoured the invention of new techniques, push of new ideas and encouragement of the re-interpretation process.

Starting from the movements such as impressionism, post-impressionism, and fauvism, this form of art has a solid history in its fold.

modern paintings

Modern paintings straightforwardly rejected the conventional methods of art where the theme of the art was mainly based on the religion, mythology, and self-portraiture.

This article is jotted down to offer you the exact story of how modern art overcome the traditional forms. Let’s have a look at the modern art and its history:

How it all started?

Before the 1870s, artists used to keep their entire focus on the depiction of the religious epics, portraiture, mythological tales, and mainly stuff revolving around God.

But, when industrial revolution hit Europe and North America in late 1800s, the overall picture of landscapes and lifestyles transformed completely.

There was a wave among the artists to represent what’s going on in the world in their paintings.

The modern paintings hence came into existence. It was all about examining and identifying personal expression.

Along with this, the same time period also witnessed the rising fame of photography. The easy access to the photography also played an elemental role in bringing new definitions in the modern paintings.

The subject based painting form was fading as photography had spoiled the party for the self-portraits and natural landscapes.

The amount of preciseness that photography attains was simply unmatchable. This made the artists move more towards the abstractionism.

It was the greats of Henri Matisse and Picasso who dared to question the conventional beliefs.

Modern art’s history

As said, the industrial revolution, if not majorly, but did lay the foundation for the modern art to start its journey.

Even after its beginning, modern art’s landscape continues to transform owing to the advancements in technology and some major world events such as World War and The Great Depression.

Artists of modern art era always focused and cared more for the art rather than the means to craft it.

Hence a lot of new tactics and mediums came up during the time period of fascinating modern paintings.

Modern Art and India

India tasted the first chunk of Modern art during the early 1900s.

Globally, the artists were all focused to give a personal voice to their paintings. But, Indian artists were emphasising on making a point of differentiation for Indian paintings.

Raja Ravi Varma who actually incorporated the western art style in his paintings was not so encouraged by other artists.

The Swadeshi movement laid the foundation for artists such as Rabindranath Tagore and Nandalal Bose who strictly condemned the western concept of naturalism.

These artists crafted some majestic pieces with the themes based on Indian Mythology and religion.

The main subject matter or the techniques followed by the Indian artists were based on the Indian miniature paintings and the fresco of Ajanta & Ellora Caves.

The Post-independence era of modern art in India

As soon as India got its independence in 1947, artists here choose to take much inspiration from the elemental aspects of the life.

The Progressive Artists Group was formed in 1947 with an aim to bring a rarity in Indian art. This group was made mainly to erode away the traditional ways so as to make way for the new and the much innovative way of art.


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