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The Indian Art collectors have increased rapidly in past few years. People are showing their interest in this field. They are looking for something which they admire. Now, it’s very easy for them to go online and search for their favorite artist or any type of painting. The rich middle class people are investing their money in the Indian Art. There are many artists who do not sell their piece of work even after being offered a very good amount of money. It has been seen that they do not sell their paintings even after they are facing problems in meeting their living expenses. It has also been noticed that art lovers are ready to spend a giveaway amount of money in purchasing the artworks. This is one of the reasons that is bringing art under the moonlight.

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The taste of art lovers has played a very vital role in understanding the demand and supply of the paintings. There have been many paintings which have been kept in the museum as they were never made with the purpose of selling.

The art lovers purchase the paintings for many purposes, it can be displaying, locating, collecting, storing and maintaining. The best thing that has happened for the Art Collectors now is that the paintings are available online. They don’t have to wait for the paintings to be put up for exhibition.

Now, the painting is just a click away. They also have a large range of choices. The huge change of technology has helped them in bringing their passion of collecting art a step ahead. 

In today’s time, art no doubt enjoys a wide network of in-depth study, distribution and perpetuation of all the artistic inheritance of mankind from the pre-historic time. But, there are some aspects of the Indian art which are not known to people who are new to the field. Being a layman, when we hear about the term artwork, the first thing that can come to anybody’s mind will be paintings and sculptures. However, artwork is a wide concept. There are different forms and styles art paintings and one such form i.e. Original contemporary Indian art, I came across sometime back. The word “contemporary art” piqued my curiosity to explore and know more about this form of artwork.

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With little research on it I was able to find the desired answer to the question that raised my curiosity level.

Contemporary art means a form of art that has been and persists to be created during our life span.” The contemporary if you go by dictionary means “modern” and that’s the confusion creator. A good rule of thumb which I found to differentiate between the two terms was:

  1. Modern Art: A form of Art by the Impressionists (which came into existence around 1880 approximately) till 1960s or ’70s.
  2. Contemporary Art: A form of Art which came into being way back from 1960s or ’70s till this very moment that we are living.

In the nutshell, would say it is definitely too hard to put down in words about the emergent movements, which led to the creation of this unique form of art. In a simpler term, Contemporary art collectively is now much more socially cognizant in comparison to the previous era so far. Holistically this form of art from the last 30 years has been associated with either one or another social issue like feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bio-engineering and dissemination of AIDS awareness among the common the populace, which artists have articulated very well through the medium of paintings.