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Whether your home décor is modern or traditional, an abstract art canvas always blends well with any kind of home interior theme.
Choosing the right piece of abstract artwork can be easy of you keep the following factors in mind. This is not an exhaustive guide to follow but just a basic ready reckoner which you can refer to anytime you decide to buy an abstract artwork to decorate the interiors of your home or work space. These include:

1) Color of Walls: Abstract art has no form and usually is composed of lines, colors and patches. Therefore it is important that these lines, colors and patches of the painting match with the color of the interior walls of your room. Most important is to factor the color of the background wall on which this artwork will be hung as it is will form the background of the artwork. A dull or non-matching color scheme will ruin the painting of its beauty and intended ambience.

2) Lighting: The wall on which you intend to hang the artwork should have proper lighting. It should not be too bright or too dim. An ambient lighting illuminates the painting in a proper way and also ensures that its beauty is appreciated.

3) Reputation of the artist: Not all abstract artworks are worth owning. You should do a research on the artist who created the artwork to understand the significance of the artwork and accordingly buy it for your living space.

4) Choosing the artwork: When choosing your artwork you should try and pick artworks with a blend of dark, weighted shapes or selection of light and airy images that bring a mystical touch or balanced mild forms that exude serenity in the atmosphere

5) Price: Famous abstract art canvases can be expensive. If you wish to own a famous one, you can opt for prints
Abstract art elements such as shape, line, color and form possess different meanings. One interesting thing about such artworks is that we feel emotionally connected with all these elements even if they create no recognizable object. Therefore, a painting of red-ragged lines will evoke a different sense as compared to a painting which involves light curves of yellow and white colors.

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Now let us discuss the spaces where you can hang an abstract work of art:

Living Space – If you want to bring a special effect inside your home interior done up with somber shades, just hang an eye-catching painting at the focal point of your living space. An oversized image on a large wall not only enhances the beauty of your room, but also complements your décor accessories.

Dining Room– Your dining room is a place that inevitably gives you a delightful experience. So, it must be furnished with some colorful décor essentials that heighten up its elegance. Asymmetric patterns work pretty well in enhancing the beauty of your dining space. In addition to this, you can group together some dynamic pieces of art that create a chic contrast.

Bed Room– Increase the level of your imagination and choose some invigorative paintings that reflect your identity. Create a theme with the centralized painting in your bedroom. This will not only add some cheerfulness; however, it would also make your interior elegant.

Courtyard– A vivacious courtyard or front facing patio of your home is truly a perfect place where you spend good time. Apart from plantation, you can fill up this space with some nature-relevant paintings that rejoice your morning and evening time.

Collecting Abstract Artworks

When you start collecting art pieces for your home décor purpose from an art gallery, step back and look at the painting from distance. Then, move up close and find the intricacies of brushstrokes, compositional details, thickness of the colors, and painting insights. See how each part in an image is woven together to grab viewer’s attention.

Moreover, let your mind interact with its colors, forms and textures. Immerse yourself into the illusion of its spaces; connect with the artistic imagination; and feel the action of its lines and the mood of its ambience. You may still discover objects in the painting. This is as natural as shape of transforming clouds.

It is a fact that no artwork can be appreciated and picked in one go. It takes time to select the art by considering different parameters such as color of your walls, dimension of your room, and the surroundings. For complete satisfaction, you should visit an art gallery to see the painting which you want to purchase. Make sure that you always buy a painting from a reliable art gallery.

Thinking about home redoing or renovation! Never forget to add famous abstract paintings because these will enrich the beauty of your home and reinvigorate your home environment.

“The best way to understand a painting is by looking at it.”

In earlier days, spreading art was difficult. It was only possible through exhibitions or by visiting the local art markets or galleries. But not the trend has changed a lot. There are many online web portals available who are dealing in paintings. These online portals have made the life of sellers and buyers very easy.

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Artists from all over the world can show their piece of art to others without even owing a passport or visa of the other country. There are many art galleries in India which host Indian paintings and other kinds of work of art.

The online art galleries also inform us about the prices and sizes of the art work shown over the internet. So these art galleries also advertise the art works online. Many art gallery owners present art shows online in order to introduce different artists from all over the world. This is a very essential part as in earlier days there was no place for new artists to show their talent.

An art gallery is the best place to find all kinds of art; it could be modern art, contemporary art, Mughal art and so on.

So now it is very easy to look for a painting you like on the Indian art gallery online, a place where you favorite paintings are in front of you.