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You gave the last finishing touch to your painting and it is all set to be sold. Selling artwork is as difficult as making it, yes, it’s true!

Marketing your talent is a way to offer an impression to the world about what your creative flair can accomplish. Hence, when you are out there (in the market) to sell your art, what’s your action plan? Do you think of it as a random affair? Because if you did, that’s not going to help you anyhow.

Quest to sell art

So, here are the tips that would help you before you get out there to sell your work online. Take a look:

The pricing

Probably the trickiest of all, it becomes simply impossible to decide on what price should be set for an artwork. No one can tell this. I cannot sit here in my room, in front of my PC and judge the hard work and time you have devoted in creating some artwork. It is almost impossible.

However, the brightest tip that I can offer you is that you should never undersell yourself. This doesn’t mean that you tag your first painting for a whopping million dollars, but price it reasonably.

There is a specific reason why I am saying this. If you are going to price your art piece less, the buyers are going to regard the piece correspondingly. As an art lover, I know, if I am purchasing a painting worth $40 and another one for $400, I am going to be more caring and considerate about the second one.

Also, you can offer some of your artworks as a gift, which ultimately cements your goodwill in the market.

So, as an artist, you should always make sure that you are pricing your hard work reasonably.

Match your skills

From the previous point, do not get the wrong impression. If you are an artist with 20 or 30 years of experience and charging your paintings worth $4000 or more, it does make sense. However, for the artists who have merely begun, pricing their paintings on the same scale doesn’t make sense. Why?

Because art-making is a continuous process of learning and improvement. The more time you will devote, the higher level of skills you will master. Artists who over promises the client have to experience disappointment when client disapproves their work. So, be honest with yourself and price your talent accordingly.

Agreement is important

The world is beautiful, people are not! Don’t get me wrong but as an artist, there will be incidents when the client will not pay you or will try to change the price after you finish the work. Hence, to avoid all such nuisance, make sure to prepare an agreement with your client in writing. This assures that no deviation will occur.

The next time you are on the quest to sell art, take care of these tips and you will be good to go! Thanks!

Photography is love for many people! Not only photographers, several other people nowadays show their interest to capture beautiful memories with proper techniques for which they want to learn the art of clicking images in the best way possible. Landscape photography is a method that helps photographers capture pictures alluringly to make the frame look even more charming and attractive. There are many perks of this type of photography, as it gives portraits in one of the best formats. Therefore, here we have some tips to learn this photography method, check out.

The need for a tripod

Clicking pictures with the camera in hand and capturing the same with a tripod makes a great difference. To get quality clicks one needs to make sure that the camera is completely still, making the tripod compulsory. Even longer shutter speed demands stillness of the camera so that the captured pictures are not blurred. One can also add wireless shutter release device to bring better results.

Landscape Photography

Maximizing depth of field

To make a picture look beautiful, it is important to keep your image scene in focus. This can be done smoothly by fixing the aperture setting as the smaller the aperture, the bigger would be the depth of field. A photographer has to have the knowledge that when the aperture is smaller, less light hits the image sensor. This is where the ISO has to be increased or the shutter speed needs increment to click clear images. These small changes are important for the final picture as changes can be compared with the previously clicked images to mark the difference.

Have a focal point

For a perfect picture, having a focal point is necessary. When the image lacks a focal point, it looks empty making the viewers wonder what the picture is all about. Therefore, a photographer needs to be clear with the focal point of the photograph. This point can be a building, a tree, a structure, or any other necessary object of the image. The most important part is where the focal point is placed in the image.

The headroom and sky

In landscape, considering the headroom of the picture is again one significant factor. The sky of the shot is also important and to keep is interesting is advised. If it’s not available, placing the horizon in the shot to create drama and to make it interesting for the viewer is essential.

Clicking movement

Landscapes are generally considered calm and composite, but capturing moving pictures is also a form of landscape photography. This type demands more light that that means the aperture has to be reduced. Filters also make moving pictures stunning in appearance. This photography type has images like stormy trees, flying birds, flowers etc.

Weather is significant

Weather is another domineering factor in landscape pictures. The image frame varies in looks when clicked in a hot summer day to when the same image is taken in the rainy season. Choosing the correct timing to shoot is very critical.