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Among the patrons of Mysore Traditional Paintings, the name of Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar is the foremost. He was an artist himself and is credited with writing a book on painting and other art works titled “Sritatwanidhi”.

The book has over 1,500 pages and nearly 1,000 illustrations of different genre of paintings. Some examples of Mysore style painting rendered during his period could be seen in various temples around Mysore which had “chitramantapa” to showcase the art work. A few artists who popularised the Mysore traditional painting style include Shilpi Siddalingaswamy, Shilpi Siddanta Mahadevaswamy, Y. Subramanyaraju, Vishweshwararaju, Ramanarasaiah etc.

The southern wing of the Indira Gandhi Rasthriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS) in Mysore conducts training in Mysore traditional painting frequently to keep alive the interest in this art form.


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