Home is a place where we relax our mind and keep the outer world on a standby mode. You yourself would agree that if the aura of your home is mesmerising enough, there is no need to seek heaven (so as to say). Now, being an art lover, you might be obsessed with the idea of adorning your home space with exquisite paintings, but, there is a catch. Similar to how a perfect painting can make your home ambience breath-taking, a wrong piece can totally ruin the environment.

So, it is important that you should know exactly how to utilize the best form of artwork for your home space. Particularly in this article, I am going to help you out by staging the aspects that would help you decorate your living room with an abstract art painting. I know what you are thinking. “The living room is usually the smallest room in the house and how does abstract art fit in there?”

Abstract Art Painting

That is the wondrous beauty of an ideal art form; it can make any room to look astonishing and peaceful at the same time. But before we dive into the tips, let’s take a quick glance at what is an abstract painting.

Abstract Art

A famous saying by Rochelle Carr mentions that “Art has a voice – Let it speak”. This saying fits perfectly on abstract art paintings. Many of art lovers like you may be inquisitive about the baffling form of art that bypasses the traditional definitions. About a century earlier, abstract art was legitimised completely. Basically, an abstract art allows you to see what you cannot physically with your eyes. The beauty engrossed in the hidden meaning of abstract paintings make them more unique and appalling.

Many people after taking a look at abstract art get startled with its simplicity and at one point starts thinking that why is it so exclusive if it is so simple. Artists ensure to keep the abstract paintings extensive and subjective so that viewers can decipher their own meaning related to their experience. This makes an abstract art a fine example of modernism and creativity.

Now let’s see the tips that can help you decorate your living room with an abstract art:

The little things

When an artist crafts a piece of art, he/she grabs the minutest details and then provide the final touch. It’s the little things that matter a lot in the art world. Similarly, when you are deciding on how to decorate your living room with a wonderful abstract art painting, keep a close eye on small details.

First, you should make sure that your living room has an access to natural light or not. Yes, it matters. Suppose your room does not have any window, so you must select painting in accordance with that. On the other hand, raw canvas tends to crumble from the exposure of sunlight. So, as an art lover, be very selective as per the little details of your living room.

In addition to this, ensure to frame the paintings in UV resistant glass of superior quality. Almost all the online shops offering frame present multiple options while you select your frame.

Have you ever noticed that if you hang up a mirror in your room it reflects sunlight inside and makes the area look more capacious? Well, you can do the same by hanging a reflective abstract art that can make your living room look big and provides you the ultimate peaceful environment.

Abstract Paintings

Do not forget the corners

An ethereal piece of painting if put in the right spot can increase the grace of your room. But if you want to make your living room stupendous, you require to leave no stone unturned. Ensure to consider the corners when you are thinking to beautify your living room. Generally, a living room corner is captivated by lamps or small tables, but, looking from an art lover’s eye, you can adorn the living room with an appropriate abstract painting too.

The ideal art work can make your living room look more spirited and refreshing. Consider the fact that almost no one would look into the corner of your living room, so the abstract painting should be enticing enough to be seen from a distance.


Undoubtedly, there are two kinds of visitors in an Indian Art Gallery. The one who see art and the one who actually see it. Ok! Let me make it clear if in case you didn’t get it. Some art enthusiasts don’t have much knowledge of art and thus they choose to just look at the paintings rather than glancing at them carefully. Well, we are telling this to you as such art enthusiasts aren’t considered well in the art community. So, if you are also one of them, you need to read this blog. Herein, we tell you the art of appreciating art. So, if you want to get the entry in the art community, this is the right way to improve your skills.


  • Talk about the artist- This can be a Kickstarter to the conversation. You should start asking about the artist while in an Indian Art Gallery. However, you should remember not to ask about every artwork’s artist. Ask about a few, those whose artworks actually intrigued you. This in general is a very good practice. This helps in knowing the style of the artists which helps you in further identifying his artworks whenever you come across any.
  • Learn about the art styles and mediums- You might find it very tough to identify the artist after seeing the paintings but knowing the art styles won’ be that tough. So, begin by knowing the most prevalent art styles and Indian art styles if you are going to a top Indian art gallery.
  • Try to understand the work- It is also important to understand the work. Yes, initially you will find it hard to understand what some artworks are trying to convey you but with time you will learn this. You won’t face any problem with every art style, you definitely will with abstract art style. Every person finds different meaning from some paintings. Try to read between the shapes drawn, take your thinking beyond that. Try to infer the meaning, if you still cannot, you can always ask the same to the gallerist.
  • Look for the emotion- Every painting whether it is landscape, portrait or any other involves certain emotion. A landscape or abstract art might make you feel gloomy and the other very happy. You will never catch the emotion, if you will not look at the art work carefully with a hawk’s eye.
  • See what you find interesting- In order to talk about a painting, the best way is this. You just look at the painting and whatever you find unique or beautiful in it, start taking about it.


Shree Yantra 2

In short, find ways to appreciate art. For doing so, one of the most important thing is to know art. We say so as you can talk about something, only when you know it.